The INHAF Webinar series ‘Rethinking Cities’ was conceived in July 2020, in the midst of and as a response to the Covid-19 lockdown, where there was an opportunity to reflect on our cities as they are and rethink current efforts. ‘Rethinking Cities’ feeds into an Inhaf initiative known as CITIURI – Citizen’s Urban Initiative. The idea was that a webinar would present, on a public platform several themes, covered by a broadly defined civil society; connecting to individuals, organizations, institutions, for their skills, expertise, experience and interest. It enables us to collectively map people and resources that could be tapped to strengthen this initiative; to build a supporting constituency through working together and sharing for wider ownership.

From June 2020 to September 2021, Studio Inhaf’s webinar series has covered 59 webinars, with over 340 local and international experts and over 106090 viewers.


December 2021
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Architecture in Transition: New Findings from the Sciences
The Financialisation of Chinese Cities & the Real Estate Industry
Poverty and Poverty Assessment
Urban Employment Guarantee in India: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
Climate Emergency: How safe or Vulnerable Indian coastal Cities are??
Reconfiguring rental towards inclusion
Are the urban rivers in India annihilated?
Inventing Institutional Structures For Delivering Affordable Shelter
Inclusion of Wastewater treatment for funding for < 1 lakh population cities under the current Swachhta Mission: Prospects and Challenges
Whose sustainability? Discovering civic agency for the future Indian city
Supporting and strengthening civil society in addressing the urban challenge: How can CSR/philanthropy help?
The city and the right to work
Heritage Conservation in the Emerging Indian City – II
Heritage Conservation in the Emerging Indian City – I
The Indian city : Past, Present and Future – with India’s celebrated Architects
Business of Sanitation : Reinventing urban sanitation through innovation
People’s Participation in City Planning: Bottom-up planning; Participatory Design; Consultative Practice – How do we generate inclusive and people-centric cities?
15th Finance Commission : Urban Local Bodies Empowering Local Government?
Shelter, Protection and Gender
Humanitarian Architecture
Urban Poverty in Contemporary Cities- Day 2
Urban Poverty in Contemporary Cities- Day 1
Tao of Alternative Architecture
Sustaining villages while the Country Urbanises
Planning Education and Profession in the Global South
What Should Indian Students of Architecture Be Concerned About?
Municipal Governance: Role of the Elected and Executive- 2
Municipal Governance: Role of the Elected and Executive- 1
Sector based Pooled Finance Mechanisms for Urban Infra Financing
Homelessness and the Right to the City in India
Cities and Women Informal Workers
Sector based Pooled Finance Mechanisms for Urban Infra Financing
Cooperative Housing for Slum Free Cities in India – Day 2
Gender and the City- Creating the Change
Cooperative Housing for Slum Free Cities in India- Day 1
Urban Sustainability: Challenges, Visions & Strategies
City Planning – As If People Matter
Increasing Urban Water Stress: Hiding Behind Climate Change?
Making Cities Water Secure
Positioning Urban Waters- Water Ecologies & Cities
Rejuvenation & Restoration of Urban Water Ecologies- Water Ecologies & Cities
Learning from MGNREGA while designing an Urban Right to Work
Sustainable Mobility Fortnight- Cities, People and Sustainable Mobility
Sustainable Mobility Fortnight- BRTS: The unfinished Agenda
Gandhi and Cities
Sustainable Mobility Fortnight: Where is my bus?
Sustainable Mobility Fortnight: Transform budget to transform Transport
Urbanisation and Technology
Young India and Indian Cities: Today and Tomorrow
Natural Cities not Mega Cities
Building Gender Responsive Urban Spaces and Services
Urbanisation as a Governability Issue
City and Risk: Achievements and Opportunities
Housing rights and riverfront development in Asian cities
Listening to People’s Voices
Rethinking Urban Missions
Challenging Growth, Changing Drivers
Why should we return to Cities that Discarded us?
Multiple Channels for Producing Urban Housing
Is City-led Economic Growth under Stress?
Reimagining Cities for Migrants
Reflections on COVID-19: What the Data Reveal
City as a Place,City as People: Recapturing the Place for the People
It pays to own your city