Sustainable Mobility Fortnight- Cities, People and Sustainable Mobility

The desired transformation of the mobility sector will be robust and just if it is accompanied by a process of enhancing public understanding about mobility and sustainability, and public engagement to evolve locale-specific sustainable solutions. The discussion, also drawing on the references to public awareness and the role of the public in the earlier webinars, […]

Sustainable Mobility Fortnight- BRTS: The unfinished Agenda

The webinar will be focused on the learnings from the BRT systems in Indian cities, current status and the future of the BRTS in India.  Fifteen years ago, with the JnNURM and NUTP, many cities looked at BRTS as a viable option for a mass and rapid transit system. The period from 2005 to 2010 […]

Sustainable Mobility Fortnight- Where is my bus?

  Programme Coordinator (Urban), CEE, Pune   The webinar will be focused on the need to improve the bus based public transport in Indian cities. Irrespective of the benchmark of 50 buses per lakh population – set up by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MOHUA) – most of our cities do not even […]

Sustainable Mobility Fortnight- Transform budget to transform Transport

Though most decision-making authorities believe in the need to promote walking, cycling and public transport, the investments in transport infrastructure indicate different trends. The transport investments are heavily skewed towards building private motor vehicle infrastructure. Sadly, it is true for all the three tiers – the national, state as well as urban local body’s budgets.  […]