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Oct 09 2020


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm



Sustainable Mobility Fortnight- Cities, People and Sustainable Mobility

By and large there is hardly any structured public engagement in sustainable transportation projects, though metro projects have had resources and have conducted discussions, prepared promo videos and placed wayside signage and outdoor publicity. 

On the other hand, public (and govt) understanding about sustainable transportation may also be inadequate, given that transportation solutions are counter intuitive. Even though policy 

A systems view of how to address mobility challenges is not often communicated through the media or in government communications. The root cause may be that increasing the supply of road space and parking is seen as the solution. Even if it is understood that these may provide only temporary relief, the larger systemic solutions – of addressing transport demand, and mode shift to walk, cycle, public transport – may seem so out of reach and out of their mandate, that city governments do what is in their purview, that is make ‘roads and bridges’, not provide mobility and access solutions.  

some different dimensions are

  1. What govt should do to ensure public engagement in sustrans policy and projects – what are the difficulties to be addressed in integrating PE in mobility policy and projects, what are signs of hope and learnings to build on 
  2. What professionals should do to enable public engagement in 
  3. What civil society should do to strengthen sustainable mobility at city, state, country levels
  4. what civil society should do to strengthen public engagement in sustrans efforts
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