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  • Bindhu Bhuma
    Bindhu Bhuma
    Project Associate, ClimACT-Chennai

    Bindhu is an Architect and Urban Development Researcher based in Chennai. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Architecture from the MEASI Academy of Architecture, Chennai, and an M. Sc. in Sustainable Urban Development and Humanitarian Architecture from the International University of Catalonia (UIC), Barcelona, Spain. She was a former SBI Youth for India fellow and worked closely with NGOs, Local Governments, and communities on sustainable rural development initiatives. She is working towards being a solution facilitator in the socio-spatial aspects of challenging environments, communities, and systems. Her strong passion to facilitate and empower communities, environments, and the betterment of society has led her to adhere to the social and development sector.

  • Dr. D. Raghunandan
    Dr. D. Raghunandan
    Climate Lead, ClimACT-Chennai

    Raghunandan is an active founder-member of and volunteers with Delhi Science Forum (DSF), a reputed non-profit “think tank”. In DSF, his focus is on Environment and Climate Change, Renewable Energy, Aerospace, Defence and Strategic Studies, and the Public Understanding of Science.

  • Dr. Khushpal Dahiya
    Dr. Khushpal Dahiya
    Gurgaon Water Forum

    Dr. Khushpal Dahiya is a GIS, GPS and Remote Sensing Application Specialist with over 20 years of professional experience. He has worked extensively on various GIS, GPS and Remote Sensing application projects and has also organized various training programmes and conferences in the field of Geospatial Technology. Dr. Khuspal Dahiya is currently president of Society for Geo-informatics & Sustainable Development (SGSD), director of Geo Solutions India, is a member of the Gurgaon Water Forum and is associated with Haryana Institute of Public Administration (HIPA), Gurugram for various Training Programmes and R & D Projects.

  • Partha Jyoti Das
    Partha Jyoti Das
    Head, "Water, Climate & Hazard Division", Aranyak

    Partha J Das is an Environmentalist with special interest on water and climate change issues. He has experience of conducting research on a diverse set of environmental issues. He works closely with communities as well as Government agencies for empowering people with environmental security. He believes in applying knowledge gained through research to the wellbeing of nature and society. Dr. Das is a member of the Steering Committee of the ‘Forum for Policy Dialogue on Water Conflicts in India’. He is a member of several national and international research consortiums. He is a life member of the Indian Society for Environmental Economics. The Community Based Flood Early Warning Project in Assam led by Dr. Das won the Lighthouse Activity Award in 2014. Dr. Partha J Das is presently working as the Head, ‘Water, Climate & Hazard Division’ in Aaranyak.

  • Prof. S Janakarajan
    Prof. S Janakarajan
    President, South Asia Consortium for Interdisciplinary Water Resources Studies (SaciWATERs)

    Prof. S. Janakarajan has been working in water and environment related issues in South India for over 20 years. He has carried out many research projects in several river basins with particular reference to surface and groundwater management, problems of water market, water rights and water laws, water pollution and the issue of water governance. He has traveled widely and has presented many papers in international and national workshops and conferences. His areas of interest are rural and agrarian development, disaster management, water management, environment, and markets. He has published four books and many papers in national and international journals. In recent times, he has worked extensively on issues relating to water conflict and conflict resolution through multi-stakeholders dialogues with practical interventions in three river basins in Tamil Nadu. He has also completed studies pertaining to solid and bio-medical waste and on urban sewage management.

  • Vaishnavi Jayakumar
    Vaishnavi Jayakumar
    Chennai Rain Relief Group

    Vaishnavi Jayakumar is a cross-disability rights activist, currently focussing on universal design, accessibility and safeguarding civil liberties. She is co-founder of The Banyan and member of Disability Rights Alliance, Freedom of Movement Coalition and Chennai Cares CRR. Vaishnavi has often been at the forefront of coordinating civilian responses to crises from the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami to 2015 Chennai floods and the Covid-19 pandemic. While she dropped out of an MBA course to help start The Banyan, Vaishnavi is an autodidact with interests that range from anthropology and ethics to data informatics, health policy, homelessness and disaster management.

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Jan 27 2024
  • Time: 7:30 am

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Jan 27 2024


6:00 pm

Urban Flooding and Extreme Rainfall

Discover a groundbreaking initiative with “Cities and Climate Change: Focus on Chennai,” a 10-part webinar series presented by INHAF under the visionary ClimACT-Chennai initiative. This series stands as a pioneering effort, igniting collaborative climate action and uniting diverse stakeholders toward a sustainable, climate-resilient future for Chennai, and potentially, for cities across India.

The webinar series aims to catalyze collaboration among experts, academics, policy-makers, advocates, practitioners, and CSOs/NGOs. It is a holistic exploration of climate challenges, delving into segments such as impacts and resilience (including extreme rainfall and flooding, urban heat island effect, sea-level rise, and coastal erosion), and mitigation strategies (encompassing buildings, transportation, waste, and power generation).

Urban Flooding and Extreme Rainfall:

In the face of rapidly changing climate patterns, urban areas are increasingly vulnerable to extreme rainfall events, leading to urban flooding. This webinar aims to shed light on the challenges posed by intense rainfall in urban environments and explore sustainable solutions for resilient cities.

Join us as we unravel the complexities of urban resilience and sustainability on the path to a climate-resilient future.

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