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Urban Planning & Governance – Beyond the 74th Amendment

SWARAJ for Cities is a nationwide initiative to help shape ‘Self Governance of Cities’. It is a year-long series of webinars, hybrid conferences, and publications that will focus on the Urban Challenge that India faces, that of Planned and Orderly Growth, and better governance of our cities, towns and peri-urban areas; that is, the fulfilment […]

Political Innovation in Municipal Governance

A unique political start up, Bengaluru NavaNirmana Party (BNP) and INHAF present practical aspects of municipal governance. INHAF is proud to present BNP’s model of municipal governance. We are looking for critical evaluation and feedback after you attend these webinars. Does this model make sense to you? Can it be replicated across the country? INHAF […]

Decoding Cities and the Union Budget 2023-24

India’s urban trajectory is at an interesting juncture. Whilst awaiting more planned development, Indian cities are also faced with developmental challenges that are unique ranging from sustainability concerns to climate crisis induced hardships that are increasingly visible. The challenges primarily can be categorized as those that are related to poverty and economic inequalities, infrastructural shortfall […]

Poverty and Poverty Assessment

How urban poverty is defined, measured, and acted on. Or in many cases not acted on.  Its scale is usually measured by the individuals or households whose income falls below a poverty line – but poverty lines are usually set too low, especially in regard to the cost of non-food needs in cities. Set the […]

Climate Emergency: How safe or Vulnerable Indian coastal Cities are??

Cities are considered the engines of growth with bursting economic activities, thanks to the competitive/extractive growth models adopted in India. The nation’s wealth is concentrated in cities. The population density is steeply rising disproportionate to the available land space. Besides, the cities in India are already very heavily stressed due to huge waste generation (solid, […]