Poverty and Poverty Assessment

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Oct 21 2021


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Poverty and Poverty Assessment

How urban poverty is defined, measured, and acted on. Or in many cases not acted on.  Its scale is usually measured by the individuals or households whose income falls below a poverty line – but poverty lines are usually set too low, especially in regard to the cost of non-food needs in cities. Set the poverty line low enough and no-one is poor. The webinar also reviews other ways of defining and measuring urban poverty, including community-led perspectives by slum/shack dwellers.


Senior Fellow,  International Institute for Environment & Development (IIED)

Visiting Professor, Tata Institute of Social Sciences

Former IDFC Chair Professor, NIPFP & Former Director & Distinguished Professor, NIUA

Senior Fellow, World Resources Institute, India

Programme Director, IGC India Programme