Understanding Heatwaves and Climate Change: Challenges and Solutions for India

Heat affects us in myriad ways. It affects us individually, it affects us as a community, and it affects how our cities function daily. As global temperatures rise, the sweltering conditions in urban regions are poised to become more severe. Heatwaves are becoming a prominent extreme weather phenomenon in many Indian cities as they sit […]

Solid Waste and Sewage

Discover a groundbreaking initiative with “Cities and Climate Change: Focus on Chennai,” a 10-part webinar series presented by INHAF under the visionary ClimACT-Chennai initiative. This series stands as a pioneering effort, igniting collaborative climate action and uniting diverse stakeholders toward a sustainable, climate-resilient future for Chennai, and potentially, for cities across India. The webinar series […]

A Holistic Sanitation Solution: Towards an Equitable Future

The need for building resilient and equitable cities has become even more crucial with 50% of India’s population projected to reside in urban areas by 2050. With the rapid growth of cities, the distribution of resources including basic necessities such as safe sanitation facilities has been inequitable. The impact of these differences is felt mainly […]