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  • Date: Aug 31 2021

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Aug 31 2021

Inclusion of Wastewater treatment for funding for < 1 lakh population cities under the current Swachhta Mission: Prospects and Challenges

The Government of India has been pushing the agenda of Wastewater management with the launch of SBM 2.0. Complete FSM and Wastewater management for cities with < 1 lakh population is expected to be proposed under the mission. 

While FSSM and wastewater management needs of cities with population of more than 1 lakh are addressed by AMRUT scheme, smaller cities with population of less than 1 lakh have so far largely remained neglected. 

Accordingly, taking cognizance of the need to shift focus towards wastewater management for such cities this webinar is being conducted by India Sanitation Coalition in partnership with Habitat Forum (INHAF) on the topic “Inclusion of wastewater treatment for funding for < 1 lakh population cities under the current swachhta mission: prospects and challenges”. 

Through this webinar, we are going to discuss the various aspects of wastewater management funding for small cities (having < 1 lakh population) including the opportunities, challenges for private sector engagement; various sources of finance other than the government funding; strategies for better implementation of the current treatment programs; necessity for creating basic infrastructure like tertiary street drains; etc.