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  • Date: Jun 09 2021

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Jun 09 2021

Business of Sanitation

Reinventing urban sanitation through innovation

Over half the world currently does not have access to safe sanitation, meaning they have a dirty unsafe toilet or no toilet at all, waste is left exposed and untreated, and disease can run rampant. Sanitation systems have been considered a costly public responsibility; however, this is strongly linked to outdated technologies and approaches. There is an army of entrepreneurs and businesses challenging this age-old approach to sanitation and proving that sanitation businesses can grow and thrive while serving all kinds of markets through new approaches and a strategic enabling regulatory environment.
The Toilet Board Coalition and Habitat Forum (INHAF)) are partnering on a ‘Business of Sanitation’ webinar as a part of Habitat Forum’s ‘Rethinking Cities’ webinar series to showcase how innovative approaches to sanitation can enable and strengthen urban sanitation systems. Workshop participants will learn about the resources, information, and impact of the sanitation economy and connect with public and private sector pioneers innovating in this space.