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Nov 11 2021

Architecture in Transition: New Findings from the Sciences

In the last few years, surprising new developments in neuroscience, environmental psychology, biology, mathematics, and other fields have begun to challenge designers to think differently about their role, particularly as we seek to transition to a world of healthier and more resilient environments. Science reveals the essential geometrical and sensorial qualities that create spaces promoting healing and life. Diagnostic tools such as eye-tracking and Visual Simulation Software also show that many pieces of the built environment are either invisible to the unconscious, or they create anxiety. Leading researchers and authors will discuss many of these findings, and their sometimes provocative implications.


Professor, University of Texas, San Antonio


Director, Live+Smart Research Laboratory

President, the Human Architecture + Planning Institute, Inc

Architect-Planner, Washington, DC

Author, consultant & Director of projects, Terrapin Bright Green

Neuroscientist, Eurac Research, Bolzano, Italy

Managing Partner, CnT Archtiects, Bangalore