Mainstreaming Skilled Women Construction Workers- Part 3: Rights and Entitlements of Women Construction Workers

The sweeping reforms to labour laws introduced on 26th November 2020, has been described by many as a logical extension of three decades of neo-liberal hegemony that has sought to extend the hands of capital and dilute welfare responsibilities. With 44 central labour laws being consolidated into 4 labour codes, it is vital to review […]


Mainstreaming Skilled Women Construction Workers- Part 2: Pathways to Productive High Skilled Jobs for Women Construction Workers: Successes and Challenges

In 2015, when the Prime Minister launched the Skill India Mission, he announced the vision of making India the ‘resource capital of the world’. The construction industry, which is expected to generate 83 million jobs by 2022, will play a critical role in realizing this vision. A vital question that needs to be addressed at […]


Mainstreaming women construction workers in higher skilled productive roles – Part 1

Are there women plumbers, carpenters, scaffolding experts – how often do we find them on construction sites? While the construction industry generates employment for about 15 million women, they are confined to jobs of the ‘dead-end variety’ marked by low wages, low stability, low productivity and low mobility. The construction industry in general is marked […]