Study on Shelters of the Homeless

Documenting the shelters for the urban homeless in Ahmedabad.

As the poor are priced out of the city, the number of homeless has increased. In Ahmedabad alone, 11293 people (Census 2011) do
not have homes. The homeless face day to day challenges in accessing water, sanitation and shelter in addition to the concerns of safety and security particularly for women and children. 

To address this, the Government launched the Shelters for Urban Homeless scheme in xxx, as an evolution of earlier night shelters. In Ahmedabad over xx such shelters were built and more are under construction. As with any scheme, there are lessons to be learnt in implementation. 

With this in mind, the Citizens for Shelter Alliance (CISHAA) undertook a primary survey of the functioning of 25 shelters on the ground in 2019 to highlight the positives and bring forth suggestions to make improvements.


 CISHAA-Citizens for Shelter Alliance was created as a coalition of organisations in Ahmedabad that work together without any formal constitution. It was established as a platform for the sustained study of housing policy and advocacy for improved housing practices for the urban poor by organisations in Ahmedabad with their own institutional histories of working with the urban poor.