Struggle and Strength: Narratives from Streets of an Indian metropolis

Documentation of Pune based organisations working with the urban poor.

A part of INHAF’s engagement on Indian cities is focused on deepening understanding of the working of the cities, especially the way the poor and other low income groups, living on the margins of the society, are treated and served. INHAF’s three main projects in Pune city, where its Secretariat is located – the “Investment Watch”, ”Poor Defining Poverty Line” and “How Pune City Delivers Its Entitlements To Poor?” – explore various facets of this phenomenon. 

Emphasizing a participatory approach and a consultative practice and interested in seeing it in a bottom up way, it was logical that INHAF started learning about and interacting with the organizations that represent and work for the rights and the welfare of the unorganized workers in Pune. That is how INHAF came in contact with the six organizations profiled in this book.

During the launch of the book  in 2016, a supplementary workshop was also held in which INHAF deliberated its findings from its earlier studies on Poor Defining Poverty Line and Investment Watch with Government representatives.


The books  “Struggle and Strength – Narratives from Streets of an Indian Metropolis” in English and Marathi were launched at a public function in 2016 with the presence of the Pune city mayor, actor Nana Patekar and 400 attendees.

INHAF organised a supplementary workshop to the book launch called How Pune delivers entitlements and services to its poor? Housing, Livelihood and Social Security in 2016 in which findings from earlier poverty related studies in Pune (Poor Defining Poverty Line and Investment Watch) were deliberated with representatives from Maharashtra State Government, its agencies for housing (MHADA) and Pune Municipal Corporation.


Pune Municipal Corporation along with Hamal Panchayat, Rickshaw Panchayat, Anganwadi Karmachari Sabha, Janeev Sanghatan, Kagad Kach Patra Kashtakari Panchayat, Santulan.



Struggle and Strength – Marathi 

Struggle and Strength – English