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Ujjvala Krishna

Research Associate

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Project Associate


Ankisha Sapariya

Project Associate​

Ujjvala Krishna, 

Ujjvala is the co-lead of the Action-research Project on Women Construction Workers at INHAF. An alumnus of the Urban Fellows Programme at IIHS and graduate as an architect from CEPT in 2021, Ujjvala has worked for two years as a Teaching Associate in the domain of architectural history at CEPT, and at the Centre for Policy Research as a Consultant for the India Housing Report, writing on evictions, demolitions, due process, and the trajectory of housing policies in India. She is keen to explore the connections between the built, policy research, and design in the domain of urban research & negotiations between various agencies involved, with constant questions aggravating her about how people with the ability to negotiate with built environments, become critical voices in our socio-cultural urban setting.



She has a background in economics and a strong interest in environmental and climate change research.Currently working at the INHAF as a Project Associate on the ongoing action-based research project ClimACT, with a focus on decarbonization, Participating in water bodies clean-up drives as a volunteer with the Environmentalist Foundation of India (EFI).

Has worked with various NGOs and organizations. Developed and delivered a research proposal on market economics 2030.Experienced in green social media content creation.  Raised funds and educated vulnerable community women about period poverty and eco-friendly sanitary products. Manages a personal blog on social media about environmental issues. Data and GIS enthusiast. Published research articles in the areas of environmental economics, eco-tourism, gender economics, and neuroeconomics.


Salka Khan,

Salka is an Urban Planner with close to 3 years of work experience. She has done her Bachelor’s in Planning from MANIT Bhopal. After graduation she worked with Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad on WASH (Water Sanitation & Hygiene) related projects and was also involved in the preparation of Development Strategy and Master plan for Hyderabad. She has also completed her Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning from SPA Bhopal in 2021 and worked as a Project associate at SPA on the Preparation of Master Plan for Greater Imphal. 

She joined INHAF in November 2022 as a Project Assistant for projects under Housing and Mobility Sector. Her work at INHAF includes editing and composing of existing Reports of INHAF on ‘Maharashtra’s Smart City Program’ and PMAY at national level and different states’ level and Data collection, Analysis and Report writing for a project in the Mobility Sector in Bhopal.


Ankisha Sapariya,

Project Associate