National Urban Policy Framework: A Response

Civil society response to the NUPF

In early 2019, the GoI announced the Draft National urban policy framework, allowing INHAF to organise a civil society response to the Ministry. Drafted by a committee formed by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, the NUPF is in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals, Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the New Urban Agenda. 

Given India’s unique aspect of urbanisation (It is one of least urbanised countries in the Global South but in sheer numbers is one of the highest at 377 million people living in 7935 cities/towns), the policy is essential in addressing the challenges of urbanisation directly and recognising it as a contributor to the economy. In its own introductory note, the policy recognises that States and Urban Local Bodies are responsible for urban issues therefore the document is a guiding set of principles and planning frameworks. The document was structured around 10 Sutras or Philosophical principles applied to the 10 Functional areas of planning to outline challenges, priorities and action points.

The draft NUPF was put in the public domain for a limited period of time and sought feedback through a limited format. INHAF facilitated organisations to respond to the draft and also prepared an easily readable summary to support these efforts.



INHAF facilitated a discussion around the NUPF 2018 amongst several organisations in the sector.

Letter was submitted to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs to seek an extension for feedback and allow for a broader response format.


Summary of the National Urban Policy Framework Draft

Letter to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs