Challenges of Affordable Housing in India

Meeting of housing professionals and practitioners

The benefits, concessions and incentives offered by the government for the Affordable Housing segment, though substantial, do not reach the ground effectively or create the required momentum. In order to identify the bottlenecks and suggest ways to accelerate the supply of affordable housing to Indian cities, especially through market channels and private sector participation, INHAF arranged a meeting on 27 March 2017, in Mumbai with the assistance of Shri Pranay Vakil of Praron Consultancy India, calling upon a small group of individuals and agencies engaged in affordable housing activities and projects across the country.

The aim was to get some concrete market feedback on why was the market response to many initiatives and concessions by the government to promote affordable housing has been tepid. To get a better understanding of the market, the main invitees to the meeting were mid-size real estate developers. The meeting emphasised practical ideas and workable solutions. It presented many new, innovative and convincing ideas and suggestions to improve the Affordable Housing segment. These outcomes were submitted to the concerned government departments and agencies at the National level for their consideration.



Affordable Housing Meeting Report