Way Forward Chennai (WFC) is a platform focused on bringing together individual practitioners and organizations to develop a strong understanding of the urban floods and droughts and to advocate for inclusive and credible responses to urban disasters.

It is a multi-partner; multi dimensional and multi stage inter institutional /organizational voluntary citizen initiative to work on the phenomenon. The approach is to develop a multi-dimensional understanding in the areas of -
1) City planning and development
2) Disaster preparedness and management
3) Protection of ecological and natural features
4) Post disaster relief and rehabilitation
5) Governance

Way Forward Chennai (WFC) is an inclusive and open forum conceived and designed by three core team members of the coalition are Habitat Forum – INHAF, Action Aid and Citizen Consumer and Civic Action Group (CAG), with CAG functioning as the Secretariat for the platform. The platform will build a larger network of professionals, organizations, volunteers and philanthropists to aid and support the objective of creating inclusive and responsive cities.