Investment Watch: Bhopal and Pune

Usually, it is the investments that define the direction of a city/region’s growth. When looked at these investments with its impact on poor in mind, we may find that while they affect the living conditions i.e. shelter, access to basic infrastructure and livelihood opportunities in some positive ways they also adversely affect the poor in terms of evictions/demolitions, increased constraints in accessing formal housing, higher user charges for accessing social services. Therefore it is essential to understand and analyse the net effect of these investments on the city as a whole and particularly the poor.

Investment watch aims to contribute to thinking, strategy formation, policy and plans for poverty reduction in general and improving a quality of living and working of the poor in particular. It also aims to investigate the effects/impacts of public/private investments on the living and working of the city poor and bring that in the public domain. It further attempts to establish a dialogue with the public and private investors to share analysis, learning and inferences. Based on the findings, it is intended to argue the poor’s case with the investors for more, better targeted, better delivered and better impact investments and develop effective, reliable, and participatory methodology in investment planning. In order to ensure better outcomes and sustainability, partnerships will be established and a blueprint/model will be developed to undertake similar work in other Indian cities.

In order to understand the cities, their functioning and development dynamics better, INHAF has undertaken the Investment Watch activity in Bhopal and Pune.

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