Activity Team

Banashree Banerjee
Dunu Roy
Sunil Agarwal
Zigisha Mhaskar

While the cities struggle to find money –in billions of rupees, as the housing deficit is large—and new lands to build the houses on—which is hard to locate, expensive and beyond affordability limits of most of the potential housing clients-- it is necessary to think of innovative ideas and ways which, if they work, would result in a breakthrough of a significant nature.

INHAF proposes Selective Densification to augment the housing stock on the existing sites and over existing buildings.

Densification of a zone or an area or a corridor across the board (such as a transport corridor) in an existing functioning city does not work well. Selective densification that too on a building specific manner and working on a case to case basis, is a creative strategy that can be used profitably to solve some, if not all, of the city community’s problems.