The Bamboo Log Project

The Bamboo Log project, conducted jointly by INHAF (a national network of NGOs, professionals, civic groups and individuals working on human settlements development issues) and URAVU (a Kerala based NGO concentrating on bamboo ecology, economy, community and society) and supported by Fetzer Foundation (engaged in fostering awareness on love and forgiveness). To know more visit

INHAF book launch

The work of INHAF required engaging with the city poor closely and that put INHAF in contact with the city based organizations and associations of the unorganized workers. Impressed with their struggles, efforts and achievements, INHAF has prepared, with financial assistance form Pune Municipal Corporation, a book titled “Struggle and Strength: Narratives from streets of […]

How Pune city delivers entitlements and services to its poor citizens?

Workshop on “How Pune city delivers entitlements and services to its poor citizens?: The case of Housing, Livelihood and Social Security—Identifying 10 measures for better outcomes.” The event was planned for 9:30 am to 3 pm at the Seminar Hall of Gokahle Institute of Economics and Politics, Pune. Besides the representatives of six workers’ organizations […]