Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a Unique ID and how will participants receive their Unique ID?

A unique ID is an 8 digit alpha numeric code (ex: ILIN-A2J6) that will be sent to the participant after registration. The unique ID an important means of identification for the participant and all submissions must carry the Unique ID on the bottom right corner of the sheets.  

What are the competition components? 

The competition components are essentially 3 parts of the competition. Please refer to the Requirements Page for more information on each component or the competition brochure available at downloads page.

Is it compulsory to work on all 3 components for submission? 

Yes. Participants MUST work on these components for submission. Any submission without these 3 components shall NOT be considered for judging.

Does each component have different submission formats? 

Yes. Each component has different submission formats. However, participants shall submit all of the component submission combined as a single PDF file.

How many team members can be involved in a team? 

There is no restrictions on number of team members in a team. Teams can be formed on any basis and teams can be modified after registration.

Who owns the rights to work after submitted and what will happen to the entries after the competition ends? 

INHAF owns the rights to the works after submitted and shall not pay any kind of royalties for its use. Authors shall be duly credited for the use.

All the entries shall be published permanently online and will be exhibited at suitable venue with due credits given to the authors.

Can teams with just one Indian resident participate? 

Yes, individuals or teams working/ studying outside India can take part in the competition in collaboration with a professional/student based in India.

Can works submitted elsewhere be submitted for this competition? 

NO. Participants are not allowed to submit works that were submitted to other competitions or elsewhere. Participants are also not allowed to submit their submissions to other competitions till this competition ends.

Can participants choose their sites and case studies outside India? 

NO. Participants must choose a site within in India. Case studies must also be based within in India

Will the competition submissions result in an actual realisation of the project? 

NO. The submissions shall not result in any kind of realization in any projects happening in India or elsewhere. However, the winning entries shall be presented to relevant departments of Central and State governments and association of private sector developers.

Is there a template for submissions for this competition?

Yes , a template shall be provided to the participants once the registration window closes.

How do I register for the competition? Is there any registration fees?

Register here.


No, there are no registration fees for this competition.

What are the last dates for registration and submission?

Last date of registration is 20th December 2018.

Last date of submission is 20th February 2019.

Who can participate in this competition?

Please refer to the “Who can Participate” section on the homepage.

I have not received my Unique ID for the competition.

Please contact the organizers at inhaf.competition@gmail.com with subject, “Confirmation Email not Received. “

How will the entries be judged for this competition?

The entries shall be judged anonymously by the competition jury. The Unique ID number present on the sheets shall be the only means by which the sheets shall be identified. Participant details and other information shall be confidential and not be shared with any of the jury members or partner organizations in any manner.

What should I do in case of conflict of interest?

In case of conflict of interest, please contact the organizers at inhaf.competition@gmail.com with subject line, “Conflict of Interest”

Will the organizers be able to provide a list of sites/projects upon which the participant can work upon?

No, the organizers shall not provide any such information to any participant.

For further queries/clarifications/suggestions etc.

Please contact the organizers at inhaf.competition@gmail.com