Improving Livability of Small Houses | Open Ideas National Competition 2018

Improving Livability of Small Houses 

Open Ideas National Competition 2018 

A competition organized by INHAF (Habitat Forum) and supported by GRUH Finance


The national competition, presented by Habitat Forum ( INHAF) and supported by GRUH Finance, seeks to engage practising architects, interior designers, planners, engineers and senior students of these faculties, related NGOs and others with innovative ideas in developing proposals on improving  livability of small low cost houses or apartments being constructed by public agencies and private builders under PMAY (Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana) and other affordable housing schemes and projects. 


The competition seeks to present the challenge of designing small houses to the design professionals who, for various reasons, tends to keep away from such projects. It also aims to draw attention and raise awareness that:  

(a) The inadequate size dictated by affordability constraints could be stretched through innovations in planning , design and detailing 

(b) People centric project planning should include psychological, social, cultural and life-style factors as also the participative/ consultative practice 

(c) Sustainability features, especially water and energy conservation and waste management must be an integral part of the project design

(d) Buildings should be aesthetically pleasing and add to the city landscape, and 

(e) Emphasises should also be on the ‘community’ aspects of living. 


The competition also seeks ideas on making the building bye laws more realistic and sensitive to the needs of small apartments and low cost buildings. It also asks competition participants to identify and present innovative ideas and solutions created and adopted by residents in their homes to improve livability.  


Main emphasis of the competition is on practical, doable, implantable ideas.



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This is a design competition to motivate professionals and orient students to the design of smaller houses. INHAF has conceived this competition and is executing it with support from GRUH. 


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